Come join us for a one day trip to wonderful Skåne. This is the part of Sweden where you find all kinds of foods and beverages. Basically, 40% of all agricultural produce in Sweden comes from our wonderful landscape with 1,2 mil inhabitants. It is also in Skåne you find some of the pioneers of local foods and drinks. It is here you get the stories of passionate and engaged entrepreneurs! Let’s go!

Departure at 9.30 from Copenhagens Madhus, with Henriks Bussar


Departure at 9.30 from Copenhagens Madhus, with Henriks Bussar

10.30-13.30 Ängavallen

14-15.30 Hallongården

16-17 Malmö Saluhall

17.22 Train to Copenhagen



The first stop of the study trip will take you to one of Sweden’s absolutely most exciting places to visit when it comes to artisanal production and embracing the whole food chain in a sustainable way from farm to fork. The place is Ängavallen, where Rolf Axel, a true pioneer, in 1974 opened the first farmshop in Sweden and years later also established the first small-scale slaughterhouse in Sweden. Today the company is owned by Rolf Axel and his sons Mathias and Niclas. Organic production is key and everything from the farm is processed at the bakery, in the dairy, where they produce cheese, butter and icecream and at the meat plant. Animals are slaughtered with no stress – and all is served at the restaurant and hotel. All organic, no compromises, no exceptions as they say. After a tour on the premises and the full story told by Rolf Axel Nordström, we will enjoy lunch at the restaurant.


On the other side of the road from Ängavallen we find Hallongården, one of Sweden’s most extraordinary artisanal food producers. Kerstin Biärsö and her family started growing raspberries in 2001. Kerstin started making delicious jams and juices and other prizewinning delicacies, and today she is a role model and a very good example of how to process splendid raw material. At Hallongården you will also find a farmshop and a café. Hallongården were among the first to focus pr on social media and has grown to one of the most well-visited destinations for culinary tourism in Skåne with more than 45 000 visitors per year. After a tour in the raspberry fields with Anna Biörsö, representing the next generation at Hallongården, you will enjoy some delicacies and a good cup of coffee. 

Malmö Saluhall

The last visit of the study trip takes us to Malmö, the main town of Skåne, where we will visit Malmö Saluhall, a true mecca for good food and drinks. Here you find premium products of cheese, fish and a newly opened farmshop. Explore on your own hand! And after that take the train back to Copenhagen, just in time for the aperitivo and dinner at Suhr’s.



Departure from Cph @ 9.30 from Copenhagen’s Madhus, Københavns Madhus, Ingerslevsgade 44, 1705 København (with ”Henriks bussar”) REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PASSPORT!!

Departure from Malmö C @ 17.23 with train (10 min walk from Malmö Saluhall)

Arrival in Cph Nörreport Station @ 18.03 (5 min walk from Suhr’s Academy)

Price:350 DKK + Billetto fee;

The participants pay for the train ticket themselves (approx. 80 DKK)

The study trip is organized in cooperation with Event in Skåne.